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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 12, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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joe vasquez is there now. joe? >> reporter: dana, it is a party atmosphere here on middle harbor road. you look behind me, there are thousands of demonstrators gathered here right now. this is the "occupy" group and their mission is to shut down the port of oakland. it is a parade right now going through. and we are told that in a very short period of time they will talk about whether to extend the demonstration into the morning hours. right now, as i mentioned, thousands of people marched through here. at the front of the march is a man's name we've gotten to know. his name is scott olson who is the young marine who fought in the iraq war to come back here and to participate in a demonstration and to be injured by police with a projectile that hit him in the head. he spoke to us a few minutes ago. >> yeah, i mean, i'm more than pleased with the turn-out. it's great. it's great to see all of these
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people here and all of the energy here. >> reporter: and right now they have been going for about an hour. this is the second demonstration of the day. >> one truck at a time, protestors are determined to shut down the port of oakland. in part, their strategy is to try and convince the workers here that the demonstrators are on their side -- the side of the 99%, the working man. >> we want you to get paid tomorrow. >> we are doing this for you as well. >> well, i don't know. they ain't doing it for me because i don't see nothing out of it. i'm losing work, so -- >> if anything, they are hurting us more than helping us. because now we're a day behind in getting what we need to get accomplished to get home. >> reporter: she blocked the
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entrances of certainly port berths. and through the morning there were sporadic rallies and longshoremen got sent home after they tried to cos lines of demonstrators and police. police arrested a couple of demonstrators but the protests were overwhelmingly peaceful. and stressful for the truckers waiting to see if the next wave of demonstrations would also block their access. >> the way things are now, it is hard to make a buck. and they are making it hard, so obviously they don't care. >> they said they are doing it for you. they are making a point with the corporations. >> they should get together with these people and if these people would come and talk to them, maybe things would be different. but this is not the way to go about it. >> reporter: as i mentioned, some 200 longshoremen were called to work this morning, but three quarters of them were sent home and actual eye even more than that ended up going
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home. this evening it is a different story. none of the longshoremen were called to work tonight so we're talking about another 200 longshoremen who are out of work for today and will not get paid for much of today's action. and so that said, the port of oakland has sent out a news release saying that they have not been shut down today. they have just had periodic disruptions. but clearly, dana, the amount of work that is done by these longshoremen and the trucks going in and out and loading and unloading, it has been disrupted significantly today. and they are going to have a general assembly, the big meeting, and decide whether to extend it into the overnight hours. >> joe, a quick question. are there police there? is there a presence there at all? >> reporter: that is a good question. there were police here. we saw bus-loads of them just before 5:00. but they have gone somewhere
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else and we believe they went further down the road here. and if this morning is any guide, they are staying out of the way and to let the peaceful unfold and to not get in clashes with protestors. >> joe vasquez in oakland, thank you. we wanted to know the financial impact of the protests and we asked bill to find out for us. bill, what do you have? >> reporter: they still don't know. it was rather interesting. city officials couldn't put a price tag on what is going on here. as a matter of fact, they had a hard time describing it or getting in sync with what the workers were seeing. take a look. protestors caused sporadic disruptions throughout the port area which led to delays. but the port has remained operational throughout the morning. >> so said oakland port director omar benjamin. but ask the 150 longshoremen sent home without pay and work, and you get a different story. >> all of the terminals that
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had ships were blocked so there was no cargo coming off the ships which is huge. >> reporter: so who is right? port officials concede they don't know yet how much of an impact the protest had. >> we saw back-ups from the truck traffic, that is the major impact. >> reporter: but again, ask the longshoremen. >> the terminal operators said we can't move anything, so go home. so that is just like shutting the whole port down. >> reporter: and shutting down the port is something no one wants to hear about at city hall. >> we believe 800,000 jobs across the country are linked to the port of oakland. >> reporter: and last month's shutdown got shippers very nervous. a topic still sensitive with the mayor, especially since her husband marched with the protestors last time. >> my husband was a community monitor that day. in terms of closing down the port, i've never been supportive of closing down the port. >> reporter: one thing is clear, the police made no move to stop the demonstrators until the protestors had left.
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the police chief told us by phone it was a tactical decision to made, quote, facilitate the demonstrators right to free speech and not move in unless they tried to vandalize or enter the port. >> have you ever seen this before where they suited up in the morning to get down there and then just stand around? >> i see it all of the time, lately. that's what we do now. >> reporter: and as for tonight, as joe said earlier, the police were here earlier and have moved off. they have surrendered this area to "occupy." this is now theirs and they will be able to hold it for as long as they or the weather holds out. >> phil matier, thanks for the latest on that. this is in long beach where police made two arrests as they pushed protestors back from the nation's second busiest port. hundreds gathered for a pre- dawn march on a marine terminal partially owned by goldman sachs. despite the demonstrations,
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operations out of long beach and at jasent port of los angeles continue -- the adjacent port of language continue unrent rupted. and the city is offering to drop all city charges against protestors if they agree not to camp out at city hall for the next two years. violators include -- violations include trespassing and illegal use of city property. an attorney representing some of the occupiers from san jose said it's a good deal. >> all they have to do is agree not to violate the law in the future. as a result of agreeing not to violate the law in the future, the city says they will dismiss your charges from the past and that's what makes it an excellent offer and i recommended it to the -- my clients. >> now it is unclear how many people could benefit from the compromise, but police have made dozens of arrests during the nearly two-month
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occupation. and the pepper spray incident at uc davis is costing taxpayers $300 an hour. that's how much the private security firm hired to look into the incident charges. the investigation is expected to take no more than a month but there is no guarantee. well the man who posed as a pg&e worker and killed a san francisco socialite will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. family and friends of kathleen horan embraced outside of the courtroom before the sentence was handed down. gary scott holland admits he was high on methamphetamine when he killed horan in her russian hill home last year. today holland was sentenced to 50 years to life behind bars. >> the sentence handed down today reflects the senseless and vicious murder of a wonderful lady and ensures that this man will never be walking the streets of san francisco again. >> as part of his plea deal, holland waved his right to appeal. the bay area grocery scam
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has hit u.s. troops. a group that sends care packages to troops overseas and helps homeless vets is the latest victim of the lucky supermarket scheme. we're in fremont where the south bay blue-star moms are scrambling to cover thousands of dollars in losses. ann? >> reporter: and dana right before and after thank, a blue star mom came to this suppose to pick up supplies to send them to troops overseas and last week they realized they were missing $3,000. >> hopefully some day these boxes will be filled again. every one should have items in it. >> reporter: south bay blue star moms just shipped out 600 care packages for troops serving in iraq and afghanistan and their storage facility is depleted and now so is their bank account. they are victims of the thieves who hacked card readers at 24 lucky stores and stole from about 500 customers. anna's son has served to tours
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in iraq? >> how could it happen to our troops and our veterans? it was really disheartening and sad that this happened and it made us angry. >> reporter: a blue-star mom used the groups debit card twice at this lucky store to buy snacks for the troops. days later they started withdrawing money. >> $3,000 taken out in two days. >> reporter: karen silverman's son has been in iraq twice. the bank said it is likely they will be reimbursed for their losses. but the moms can't sit idle waiting. silverman's car is full of backpacks for local homeless veterans. the supplies to fill them are coming out of the mom's pockets. >> so many of the vets are homeless and they have served our country and they don't have jobs and they don't have jobs, they are destitute. >> reporter: and they are already looking ahead. the next big shipment is in march and they are worried this financial hit, even if it is temporary, will set their
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mission back. >> and what this does is for our next care package event, it delays us starting the preparation for it, which takes months to do. >> reporter: these mothers find themself called to do the difficult as their children are called to the do the unmanageable and they care for other people's children, like this soldier who wrote to them. >> i with my unit are tearing into the goodies. thank you from the bottom of our hearts. you are amazing people and we want you to know that what you are doing helps us get through our hard times. very respectfully, from the middle of nowhere afghanistan. >> the lucky parent company sent me an e-mail saying they had contacted blue star moms and wanted to work with them but didn't elaborate by what they meant like that. but the moms do say the community has stepped up and if you would like to contact the organization go to our website, and click on news.
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in fremont, cbs 5. a toxic mess threatening to seep into the bay. what caused a diesel spill at a bay area college. the business is entertaining kids. why the feds say bay area chuck e. cheese restaurants are doing that are putting children at risk. it is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. incentive to put off buying just a little bit longer. i'm mike sugarman with cute kids and cute puppy. and there is a discount too, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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back in class at u-c berkely today, after a diesel spilln campus. crews spent the weekend containing the spill and
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cleaning up the toxic mess t students back in class at uc buckley today after a diesel spill on campus, it was discovered on saturday. julia good rich saying there is still lingering concern and a little odor too to go along with that? >> reporter: hi, allen. there is a lingering odor. stanley hall is reopened but crews are still mopping up after this diesel spill, more than 1700 gallon. and believe it or not, today was the first day of finals. a lot of students who pauled the all-nighter didn't know if they were able to take the exam today. soaking up the diesel lining strawberry creek, a creek that runs through the uc berkeley campus and warning signs are visible to students walking by the creek. richard wong was more concerned about the environment today than his final exam. >> a 2,000-gallon oil spill is pretty serious and in strawberry creek.
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i wasn't worried about the building so much as the environment. >> reporter: the u.s. environmental protection agency, u.s. coast guard and california department of fish and game have joined the university in cleaning up this spill. a spill that happened over the weekend. equipment failure caused a back- up generator to overflow, spilling fuel out into the basement of stanley hall, the largest student research facility on campus. student nina gonzales got this e-mail from her professor first thing this morning. >> just in case you saw the news and had doubts, yes stanley hall is open and we'll meet as scheduled. >> reporter: air quality said the building is safe to reopen. >> were you ready to go and prepared in. >> yeah, i stayed up all night studying. it's a bug class so it is fun, not as serious as other classes on campus. >> reporter: the concern now is diesel fuel visible in the creek could head into the bay. federal, state and local agencies are monitoring the levels. meantime environmental crews are using specialized trucks
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and equipment to clean up the diesel in storm drains around campus. fortunately there have been no reports of harm to wildlife, especially along strawberry creek. but right now officials don't know how the equipment malfunction happened and they hope to release an official statement very soon. juliette goodrich, cbs 5. the clean-up efforts are still in effect after a decommissioned tugboat sank and began leaking oil. so far no estimate on how much oil has leaked. but the three-layer boom that has been deployed around the tug seems to be holding most of it back. and next crews plan on pulling that boat off of the bottom and then taking it apart for scrap. 9 bay area chuck e. cheese restaurants are accused of violating child labor laws. they said the children restaurant chain put 16 young workers at risk when it let
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them operate trash compactors and dough mixers. the texas-based parent company that owns chuck e. cheeses has not commented but the feds say the company has agreed to pay $28,000 in fines and comply with federal regulations. first there was black friday, then cyber monday. and now it is green monday. from the consumer watch, julie watts explains why the surge in shopping this holiday season translates into a record season for shippers. hey, julie? >> reporter: hi there, dana. that is right. green monday, it is one of the biggest shopping days for online retailers, but it is also the single biggest shipping day for fedex. and as it turns out, the two are directly related. >> how much of your holiday shopping have you done on line? >> i would say 85-90%. >> a majority of my shopping is online shopping. >> reporter: holiday cyber sales are up 15%, totaling more than $25 billion so far. and experts say that's the primary reason fedex is
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expected to make 17 million deliveries today alone. making it the busiest day in the company's 40-year history. >> consumers are spending more, but fedex having the biggest day ever has more to do with a big increase in online shopping than anything else. >> reporter: and today, green monday, is expected to kick off the biggest cyber shopping week of the season. but consumer psychologist kate yarrow said it might leave some wishing they would wait. >> researchers who trimmed inventory to match previous consumer spending are running out of products so there are going to be instances where people won't find exactly what they want. >> reporter: and that has some avid online shoppers pounding the pavement as well. >> things have been sold out. >> it is such a good price or they are giving a sale that is hard to find. >> it will be there in four weeks but that defeats the purpose here. i need it today. >> reporter: even though many shoppers are spending like it's
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2007, stores are reluctant to stock that way. >> in 2007 retailers were over a barrel and they had to reduce at discounted prices and they made sure that won't happen again. >> reporter: now they base stock on preseason estimates but this year they are finding shoppers are spending more than they planned and bast dor last- minute buyers but good for the economy. >> every why i go, there is no recession happening, i don't care if it is cosco or neiman marcus, people are out buying. >> now green monday was coined by e-bay back in 2007 when it noticed the second monday in december was a bigger online shopping day than cyber monday. in recent years, however, green monday sales have diminished and some analysts believe that could be due to the most recent shopping holiday of free- shipping friday which will occur later this week and has some shoppers waiting until the last minute in hopes of deeper discounts. on consumer watch, julie watts, cbs 5. and tonight we have some green on the raider. but that is rain?
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>> that is right. but not much. it is good to be this cloudy and this cold, let's just have a wash-out. we could use some rain. we are 50% of normal. a lot of clouds out there but not much in the way of rainfall. the most i could find is .15 of an inch in half moon bay. and you see the clouds beginning to break up as the moisture headed in toward southern california will see a lot of snow in the mountains there. high def doppler picking up on scattered showers moving in in the afternoon hours over the trivalley and that is beginning to settle down. so tonight a quiet evening around the bay area. numbers, they are cooling off in a hurry now. 47 degrees in concord. 46 in livermore. only 45 degrees in santa rosa and 48 in san jose. so as we look toward tomorrow, it is another frigid start to the day. by the afternoon we're hoping the temperatures come into the mid-50s coastside and upper 50s in the valleys. but keeping you on the cool side. as we look out over the next couple of days high pressure is
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building back in and treatment will bump up a couple of degree and a few clouds moving in on thursday but the storm system will stay to the north of the bay air can a so not -- bay area and so not expecting rain. and then drying back out again. and saturday and sunday looking dry. and saturday and sunday and monday looks dry too. and i'm looking at the long- range computer models and i don't see much until the end of year. not a lot of rain and we could use it by this team. >> thank you. two weeks, 1,000 animals. >> the discount some bay area shelters are offering to find these dogs and cats new homes. we'll have that in minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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celebrations complete, have ou. some look at that little face. now if your family is looking for a new pet to make your
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holiday celebrations complete, have we got a deal for you. some south bay humane societies are offering a special holiday sale. as mike sugarman warns, adopting a pet is not a decision to be made lightly. >> caution, this story features cute kids and dogs, occasionally at the same time. >> what are you looking for? >> dogs. >> reporter: they've come to the right place. >> we're trying to get a thousand animal news homes for the holidays. >> reporter: beth ward runs the humane society in the silicon valley who is having a special holiday sale. $10 out the door. normally it's up to $175. >> he's going to whisper in your ear. >> reporter: they are up to their ears in dogs. way more than normal. >> right now for dogs, it is, and i think it is mostly economic that is running it. >> a big dog or little dog? >> a little dog. >> reporter: the hunter family came and they can afford a dog. >> we recently lost our dog a
6:26 pm
couple of weeks ago, he ran away and so we're hoping replace him. >> reporter: 7-year-old jagger seemed nice and shy and maybe nervous. blitzen, a 2-year-old yorkie mix was clearly not. and he may be a member of the family for a long, long time. >> when you are bringing an animal into your family, you are committing to them. as i said before, that is one of the reasons why animals end up in shelters, is our commitment issues. >> reporter: it is cheap and easy for the next couple of weeks but that doesn't mean you shouldn't think long and hard about the decision. >> it is not easy to adopt out these animals. sesame has been here for a year and a half. he don't seem that difficult. black cats could be among the toughest to find a home for. this woman would take her but she has more at home. >> the truth be told i have nine dogs. yeah, i have four little ones and five big ones.
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>> reporter: she doesn't recommend it for most people. in milpitas, mark silver man, cbs 5. why a company is moving out and why the ceo said it is too hard to do business in the golden state. and now hundreds more protestors move in on the port of oakland. what they are planning next. ,, keurig has over 200 varieties from 20 leading brands, including tully's.
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it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew.
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thousands of protestors have descended on the port of oad in a renewed effort to shutt down. the demonstrations ben before dawn. at 6:30, prove testers are at the port in an effort to shut it down. >> joe vasquez at the port with the very latest for us. joe? >> reporter: allen, and this crowd is still gathering. it is thousands of people large and they are still getting a group marching over from the west oakland bart station which they tell us is 2,000 people strong. so we are talking in the thousands right now. let me show you a image of this port "occupy" event right now. see that truck right there, that was a trucker from nebraska trying to come in and he dropped off the load he had this morning. he was trying to gather another
6:31 pm
load but he is stuck here and in definitely at this point. that was supposed to be an event that runs tonight, but now we are hearing word from the group and from the group of demonstrators they are talking about extending the demonstration into the morning hours. there are a couple of dozen people on that truck alone right now. and this demonstration is peaceful. unless you count the loud music playing behind us. it is a festive atmosphere. they are essentially congratulating themselves for a successful event this morning where they had 1500 people shut down half of the berths at the port. but look at this, this is a road right here and it is completely shut down. now the port of oakland has sent out anus release tonight, to make this -- send out a news release that said the port of oakland was shut down, but that is not true. the longshoremen this morning that were called to duty and
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most of them never got to their stations. this evening they didn't call them in. they usually have 200 of them and they didn't call them into duty because of what you are witnessing right now. this is the middle of middle harbor road and it is packed with demonstrators. the port said there are still operations underway and they have only been temporarily shut down. it is clear that not any work is getting through here right now. and as demonstrators have taken over again the streets. >> joe, i'm seeing a sign to the right of the screen that says "occupy" attacks working people. so there seems to be a counter- protest, of this one person in addition to the "occupy" protestors. >> reporter: interesting, i see it too and people surrounding him. constitution and his sentiment is shared
6:33 pm
about my of the workers here today. many teamsters said we have been experiencing cutbacks and layoffs and salaries seeing if not a steady salary or a decrease. so they get the sentiment, but it is christmas time and a lot of these folks are saying they are trying to buy presents for children and they are counting on the money that they are getting and that they are not getting for the day today. >> when they can't go to work, they don't get paid. so joe, keep us updated. joe vasquez at the port of oakland. they have been threatening to leave california for months and today one of the largest employers made it official. the company said it is just too tough to do business here. >> this is just a very difficult place to do business. >> reporter: ceo ron middle stat is packing up his company and moving to texas. fed up with california's business climate. >> highest tax rates in the
6:34 pm
nation, until recently very expensive real estate, tremendous regulation and a broken legislature. >> reporter: the third largest waste collection company in the country, waste connections is the largest publicly traded company in the sacramento region. valued at $3.6 billion. it's local impact is estimated at $100 million each year. and it employees 5500 people. 130 of them are based here. >> these are actually our business person of the year two years ago. >> reporter: the chamber considers the move a significant hit for the region, extending far beyond lost jobs. >> it effects everything from where they pay their power bill to where they buy their paper from and where employees eat and shop. the ripple effect through the economy in folsom and the sacramento region is tremendous from them leaving and we're disappointed to see that. >> reporter: as they continue pushing for change at the capitol, middle stat doubts reform will happen, to prevent
6:35 pm
losing more companies like his. >> certainly, i hope for all of the employers that will be here and us with employees over the state of california, that the climate improves over time. i'm not confident it will. >> and we want to update you on the lead story of the evening. there has been a shooting at the in-n-out burger off of interstate 80. we have a crew on the scene right now but police are not saying much. we did see an officer placing evidence markers in the parking lot. we were told earlier that a life flight helicopter was dispatched to the scene. the section of this parking lot has been taped off as the investigation continues. we don't know how many people were hurt, but again there was a life-flight chopper that did land in a nearby field there. we are keeping an eye on the story and we'll bring you news as it becomes available.
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well making history in outer space. the california company chosen to launch the first commercial flight to the international space station. and the side effects linked to breast cancer treatment years later. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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time next february, a a southern california company is about to make history in outer space. for the first time next february a private company will carry cargo to the international space station. dave brian on space acts, the business nasa has selected to be a space pioneer. >> reporter: now that the nasa shuttles have been retired to space museums, the future of low-earth or bit space travel is in the hands of company like space x, based in hawthorne. and for former astronaut who spent three months of his life live ago board the international space station, the nasa announcement is a
6:39 pm
defining moment in u.s. space history. >> this is the first time that a spacecraft built by a personal company docked at the international space station. something not done before. >> reporter: the launch is expected less than two months from now. the supplys will be delivered by a dragon space capsule built in hawthorne, seeing here being drop tested into the ocean last year. this is the dragon one which or bitted the earth last year and returned unscathed. a new model will be launched from a pad at cape canaveral from a video released in 2009. >> and this is a precursor to do it without people on board and i've helped them with its next step, now we can deliver the laundry and the mail, now we want to deliver the people. >> reporter: it will deliver food, clothing, water and equipment needed in space walks when it is launched in
6:40 pm
february. but the 1600 people who now work here at the space facility in hawthorne think this is just the beginning of something big. by 2014 the company plans to also transport astronauts to the international space station. >> when did you decide you wanted to go to college? >> um, i'd say kindergarten. >> even when her life was miserable, she knew there were better things ahead. how she became a student rising above, next. plenty of clouds around the bay area. not much rain though. when might we see more rain drops? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tough on a woman. but now researchers are finding it n going through breast cancer treatment can certainly be physically tough on a woman. but now researchers are finding it can also be hard on her mind. a new study finds breast cancer survivors can have problems thinking for up to three years after treatment. the issues include mental
6:44 pm
fuzziness, dix concentrating and memory impairment. women experience these issues with radiation or chemotherapy. it was studied in the online edition of cancer. our student rising above tonight is one of the kids we often here about after its too late. >> well people who know maggie keenan said there is something special about her that saved her. >> reporter: after school maggie trees keenan works at an animal hospital. she'll need that money for college. >> when did you decide you wanted to go to college? >> um, first day of kindergarten. >> it is her character. i don't know who has taught her, but somehow she chose to move forward, to rise above. >> you take the iqr minus 1.5. >> reporter: it is something of a miracle that maggie is an honor student at clayton high. her parents were both drug addicts. as a child in ohio, they lived
6:45 pm
in 25 different houses, always in poverty and filth. >> i remember getting school lunches and that was usually the only meal sometimes that i got during the day, if i was at home. >> and if you were really hungry, what would you do? >> eat paper. >> the pictures don't show the punishing abuse maggie endured, beatings and military-style drills. >> one of them was you would take a penny to your nose and stand up straight against the wall and you had to stand like that for 10 minutes and if the penny dropped, another 10 minutes was added on. >> there were 23 calls to child protective services before maggie became a ward of the court. and eventually she moved to california where relatives. but that ended when she was 13. and the plan was to send her back to her father. that's when her best friend sarah rosen asked her mom to let maggie move in with them.
6:46 pm
>> everybody was on board 100%. and we did it because we would never let something bad happen to her because she was worth so much to us. >> reporter: julie and andy rosen became her legal guardians and maggie began to learn the deepest meaning of family. >> she kept a smile on her face every single day. she had a strength about her and a determination to live a better life that i simply never seen from any 13-year-old child. >> they make you feel like everything, and they make you feel that you are the most important person in the world. >> when there is love at home, even the deepest injuries can start to heal. >> from an abyss to the light. she did it with the help of other people, but basically it
6:47 pm
comes from within her. it's a fire within her, from her core. >> maggie tease keenan will be the first in her biological family to go to college. >> this holiday season consider the gift of education. if you want to help maggie and kids like her go to college, go to students rising and find out more. wendy cuda, cbs 5. well a very cold day around the bay. a few showers. the heaviest we find was half moon bay at .15. and that was it. the high def doppler picking up the showers in the afternoon. scattered showers making their way through and diminishing and pushing further to the south. and watch out down i-5 up and down the grave vine because they could see snow down there up to about 2500 feet. it could be a mess if your
6:48 pm
headed to southern california. this system will drag into southern california and bringing them rain. for us, here we go. partly cloudy skies and clearing out tomorrow with mostly sunny. and looking at cool temperatures and it looks like really dry weather ahead. no major storms in the forecast. for tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. it will be hazy, especially in the valley. temperatures expected to move in the mid to upper 50s by the afternoon. pretty cold in spots rights now. 40 degrees in fairfield. 45 in livermore. 44 in santa rosa, and 43 degrees right now in the napa valley. so if you plan on traveling around the state, you'll find okay travel conditions into the central valley. 50s here. southern california, watch out, that's where the storm is moving through and will continue to slide on through the area in the next couple of days and high pressure building in behind it and that will bring us dry weather as we head in toward the middle of the week and probably for the foreseeable future. temperatures expected to get very cold in spots tonight. plan on about 29 degrees for an overnight low in santa rosa. 35 in livermore. 33 degrees in fairfield and 38
6:49 pm
in san jose. friday the temperatures are warming up into the 50s. mid-50s toward the coast. finding some upper 50s toward morgan hill. east bay temperature news the upper 50s by the afternoon. and as you get inside the bay you'll find hazy sunshine and temperatures mainly into the 50s. next couple of days, we are expecting the return of dry weather. it looks like things are going to be pretty nice. partly cloudy skies into thursday with a weak system coming on by. but other than that, we are going to stay high and dry it looks like into next weekend. tonight we are talking about food for bay area families. i'm here with a couple of special guests. we have got char woodward of federal express and a manager and susan bayson the director of the alameda county community food bank. we are going to start with fedex because they deliver. and on the busiest day of the year, you were here. thank you so much. >> i know. pretty amazing, isn't it. >> and they are delivering with a big check tonight. >> we are. we've been sponsoring the alla immediata county community food bank for five years now and the children's backpack program and it is a fantastic program and
6:50 pm
we're so proud to be a sponsor in it. we have drivers that go out and deliver food on a weekly basis. and we're just happy to be a part of it. it is a great program. >> thank you so much for coming down here and thanks for the $30,000. that goes a long way to help out. if you would like to help out, go to credit card cbs to find out more.
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year, 43-million dollar offr for restricted agent deandre jordan, meaning the big manl be staying in los angeles the clippers are matched the warriors 4 year, $43 million offer for deandre jordan, meaning the big man will stay in los angeles. now the war years have been aggressive to find other center but they struck out on chand lower and now jordan. and owner who was on game day last night said they are expensing a bounce back from diedrich. >> we are excited about how he looks. he put on 15 pounds of muscle. he is chiseled -- >> but he's not a physical guy.
6:54 pm
he's more of a finesse player. he won't accomplish. >> he had that reputation. but he looks pretty physical right now and he has an attitude that i think going forward he intended to be more physical. mark jackson said to him, i need you to do things, rebound and block shots. >> well free throw shooting might help as well. >> but if we get the rebounding and shot blocking, we'll be happy. >> i don't think joe appreciated that last add lib. the raiders woke up in second place in the afc west. and with only three games to go, they pay need to win now to make the playoffs. yesterday's game in green bay, if it was a fight it would have been stopped by mercy rule. the raiders turned it over three times and fell behind 31- 0 to the league's best team. >> i'm not going to let this team fall backwards. i'm not going to do it. we have three games to play and i told them we understand the situation we're in and we understand the last two weeks
6:55 pm
we haven't come close to playing or looking like the football team that we've been. so for that i'm very disappoint and i apologize to our fans and our organization and anybody associated with the raiders. >> at least you are still working. the chiefs fired head coach todd haley less than a year after leading them to the afc west title. they are just 8-5 this year but it is what have you done for me latey. and miami fired tony sparano. they had won 4-6, including the blowout against the raiders last week. the 49ers had plenty of chances to put the cardinals away but they continue to struggle scoring touchdown. their red zone offense is the worst in the nfl. translations when the 49ers get inside the 20 yardline they have only scored touchdowns on 35% of the times. and harbaugh had this response about his team's offense. >> we know there is going to be
6:56 pm
criticisms, we know there is going to be whys, what happened, what took place, why didn't you do this or do that or throw the ball here and who is your go-to guy and we won't talk about it. >> just like my wife. i don't want to talk about it. we're not going to talk about it. and if you were busy attend not one but two christmas parties on the same night, here is what you missed this weekend. >> for the win -- yes! oh, unbelievable. >> and peppy la tally ran to win the 20th straight ncs championship and will play for the state title next saturday. rob gronkowski, watch this catch. it is not the catch, but watch this. >> oh, man. >> look at him. now he set the record for 15
6:57 pm
touchdowns, 15 touchdowns, most ever by a tight end. what a run. the 49ers had no answer for larry fitzgerald. he outjumped colston and takes it for a touch. over 1,000 yards for the 5th straight season. but the catch of the week goes to melvin acta. you can say he left the defender all shook up. and he holds on to the football. >> never touched the ground. >> he held on. great stop. >> thanks so much. we are continuing to keep an eye on this protest that is happening at the port of oakland. this has been a day-long effort to try to shut down the port. now the port said it is not officially shut down but you can see thousands of demonstrators are there right now. latest at 10:00 on the cp, and here at 11:00 on cbs 5.
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